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Charged up 3D

Budget brushless crazy cart kit

Budget brushless crazy cart kit

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THINGS TO NOTE:(Power switch requires slight drilling on the charging port hole plan to make the switch smaller soon!) motor will have the charged up logo and the bracket will be higher quality then the one shown!   WARRANTY VOID IF YOU WIRE ON NEW CONNECTORS!!

Lead Times: The lead times for shipping may vary depending on the order queue. However Generally, expect delivery within 2-3 weeks.

Performance: 32mph + top speed depending on battery and rider weight.  (This speed is based on 48v 30a) YOU ARE DOING SO AT YOUR OWN RISK 

Battery Requirements: For optimal performance, a minimum 36v battery capable of delivering 30a continuous and 50a peak is recommended.

Compatibility: This kit is exclusively designed for standard carts. DOES NOT FIT THE XL CART! 

Bluetooth Connectivity: With the addition of Bluetooth, you can easily access speed data, total miles driven, and make power adjustments right from your phoneVia “vesc tool”. For users without Bluetooth, these features can still be accessed via a PC using a cable connection.


  1. Pre-tuned 7200w capable VESC open-source controller.
  2. 4000w brushless motor.
  3. Motor sprocket.
  4. Chain.
  5. VESC to Crazy Cart throttle plug.
  6. Motor bracket and hardware.
  7. VESC mount.

Reliable Performance: Each motor in the kit is thoroughly tested with its paired controller on a bench. The stock tune provides 1400w of power, but the kit can reliably handle up to 5000w. For users with compatible batteries, power can be easily adjusted as desired.

Safety Disclaimer: As the provider of this kit, I must stress that I am not liable for any injuries, damages, or issues that may arise from its usage and application. For those unfamiliar with electronics, it is strongly advised to seek assistance from a qualified professional during installation. Following these precautions ensures that the kit is utilized responsibly and safely.


VESC is a registered trademark of Benjamin Vedder

Big thanks for Benjamin for making vesc tool the app we use to program this and the app that everything electronic will run off one day! ⚡️⚡️



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